Chairman & Founder

Hugues de Saint Germain, is a former student of École Polytechnique (1987), New York State University (International Finance), Paris-Dauphine University (MBA in Corporate Finance) and École des Mines de Paris (1990). He becomes a member of the Corps des Mines in 1990.

After a start in the USA with Vishay Inc., he joins the French Ministry of Industry, where he is first in charge of implementing programs to SME development in the Rhône-Alpes region.

In 1993, he is appointed Head of the Exploration-Production Service within the Petroleum Directorate; at this time he becomes director of Elf Aquitaine Production, member of the supervisory board of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP), and director of Beicip Franlab (reservoir engineering).

In 1995, he joins the French Securities and Exchange Commission as Head of the Main Board within the Corporate Finance Division. He develops a good knowledge of all actors within the financial place in Paris, and a detailed expertise in market exchange, finance, accounting and legal techniques, practices and regulations.

In 1997, he joins Soletanche SA (800 million Euros turnover, 5 000 staff), and becomes a member of the Group Executive Committee in 1998. He is successively Group Secretary General and Executive Vice President.

In 2001, he is appointed French Trade Adviser by Minister Loos.

In 2003, he joins MOMA, a technological group of companies specialised in Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Real Time monitoring, Machine Learning and 3D imaging applied to various sectors including Nuclear, Power, Oil & Gas, Utilities. He is appointed Chairman of MOMA in the same year.

In 2010, he becomes a board member of the company BULL SA (a world leader in High Performance Computing), listed on NYSE-Euronext.

He is the Chairman & Founder of FOROIL.