FOROIL services are meant to smoothly integrate in your working process and deliver quick results.
FOROIL prepares tools and methods and you finalize your development plan.

FOROIL builds a bespoke behavioral Digital Behavior Twin of your brown field to ensure a reliable forecast of the field production for any field development and production plan, well by well.
FOROIL automatically plays millions of different development plans (Massive Optimizer), all complying with your constraints (be it technical, financial, fiscal, environmental...), in order to identify the best.
Implement the best and safest (re-)development plan, reduce investment and risk, increase production and book additional reserves.
Actions AllowedProduction Increase
Adjust injection and production rates+15% to +20%
Increase treatment capacities, convert producers+15% to +30%
Drill new infill wells+30% to +100%

“After 12 months, actual production data are in line with the objective initially set for the project, and the incremental production is being achieved.”

Asset Manager

Forecast your production, fast & reliably

Get FOROIL to customize and calibrate its unique Digital Behavior Twin for your field and achieve the capacity to forecast production, well per well over five years, with more than 95% accuracy overall.

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Unveil the Best Development Plan

Compliant with the technical and financial constraints you have defined, FOROIL Massive Optimizer will run and compare more than a hundred million field development plans in order to select the best one.
This massive computing power will outperform any reference field development plan engineered from intuition and traditional techniques.

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Implement and book reserves

FOROIL will re-optimize the implementation plan to account for changes in delays, means or constraints, as well as unexpected technical incidents.

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