FOROIL wants to lead the way ahead for your benefit and to guarantee the best offer in the Industry over time.

FOROIL keeps strongly investing in R&D and further developing speed, versatility, and inter-operability.


Because FOROIL wants to be available for discussion

FOROIL knows its approach is novel and intriguing. It deserves explanations, so FOROIL makes itself available by attending international conferences.

Several contributions have been published, see for instance the SPE paper about San Francisco field results (SPE-138979).

Do not hesitate to contact us for telephone discussions. FOROIL is also happy to come in person and introduce our technology and working process in detail.


Because FOROIL wants to protect and disseminate its good ideas

FOROIL's policy is to file patents for methodologies that need to be explained. The rest is our intellectual property…

FOROIL has invested fifteen years of R&D and have accumulated extensive know-how on brown fields, on the way to properly build forecasters, on how to best train optimization engines: FOROIL makes it available to the Industry through our services.


Because FOROIL wants to stay ahead and further infuse new ideas and techniques

Our tools and techniques are based on a unique blend of high level mathematics, computer science and reservoir & well physics.

FOROIL believes our original approach based on "data first" has great potential to serve the Industry, even beyond mature fields.

Stay tuned: our teams will unveil new fantastic tools and methods in the months and years to come!