Find the best development plan amongst millions.

Extensively explore possible development plans by reviewing and comparing more than 100,000,000 realistic field development plans overnight.
Achieve maximal production (or Net Present Value) within applicable technical or financial constraints.
Typically generate an additional oil production of 20% without CAPEX and a division by 2-to-3 of CAPEX per barrel.

Massive Computing Power

The Massive Optimizer will draw from the speed of the Digital Behavior Twin and of parallel programming techniques on multinode computers to select and evaluate 100,000,000s different field development plans overnight.

Calculations are run on farms of computers located in a highly secured ISO 27001 certified environment.

Maximize What Matters to You

The Massive Optimizer can maximize any "gain function" you consider appropriate, typically the cumulated oil production or a carefully specified Net Present Value function.
A NPV could encompass any sales, operational and capital cost, taxes and royalties, but also any cost associated to CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) and any cost saving or incomes associated to CO2 injection or retention.


Pijk denotes oil production for well j and layer k for year i, as calculated by the Digital Behavior Twin.

Rij denotes margin after tax and royalties for well j and year i.

Si denotes the oil sale price per barrel for the field concerned for year i.

d denotes the yearly discount rate (% per year).

• Iij denotes investment spent for well j (producer or injector) during year i.

OCij denotes the operating costs spent for well j (producer or injector) during year i.

Lijk denotes the liquid production for producer j and layer k during year i, as calculated by the Digital Behavior Twin.

TOi denotes the liquid treatment cost per barrel during year i.

TLi denotes processing treatment cost per barrel of oil during year i.

Smart Algorithms

Possible field development plans are not randomly selected. Smart algorithms ensure an extensive and relevant coverage of all potentially "good" development plans.

Using heuristic, deterministic and non-deterministic hybridized methods, FOROIL will leverage its optimization know-how, customized for the given field, and ensure a convergence to the overall optimum.

Such convergence is ensured in compliance with your technical and financial constraints, even in case of time-dependent ("do not invest in treatment capacities before one year") and/or localized ("do not convert producers in this area") constraints.

Visualization by Movie

As a way of visualizing the work accomplished by the Massive Optimizer, each tested field development plan can be sketched on a map (upper chart: purple/red bubbles are proportional to liquid rate increase/decrease for producers - blue/red hexagons are proportional to injection increase/decrease for injectors).

As the optimization process progresses, the result is a Net Present Value increase (bottom left chart), and an overall gain in oil production stemming from individual variations (bottom right chart) of every well (green bubble for a local gain, red for a local loss).

Each iteration corresponds to 10 field development plans.