FOROIL is a special service company relying on breakthrough proprietary algorithms to generate additional production and reserves from mature oil and gas fields.

FOROIL delivers results, using in-house developed tools (Production Forecaster™ and Field Development Engine™).

Project results are delivered within three months and subsequent assistance to implementation ensures actual realization of the upside.

Increase production and/or reserves

Depending on your field maturity and/or your investment strategy, you can:

Increase reserves, while maintaining constant production, with reduced investment.
Mitigate decline, extend lifespan and increase reserves, even with no investment.

Subsequently get your reserves re-certified.

How so different?

Forecast accuracy >95% (5y)
15,000,000 field development plans
Full results within 3 months
Reserves re-certified
FOROIL has the capacity to forecast the production, per well, per month, per phase with an accuracy better than 95%.
Traditional tools, like meshed models, rely on assumption-based modeling, and display forecast divergence after less than one year.
FOROIL can play overnight 15,000,000 different field development plans, as we use parallel programming and each run lasts a few seconds only.
Usual simulators run in hours.
FOROIL delivers initial project results within three months, as the methodology has been streamlined and industrialized.
Traditional models need at least one year to set up.
FOROIL ensures actual production increase through implementation assistance, and additional reserves can be re-certified.
Usual reservoir projects are delivered with no result-driven assistance.

Why so different?

Because we first use production data that have a lot to say about a mature field behavior.
We do not make assumptions on subsurface properties.
Because FOROIL uses the laws of reservoir and well physics to constrain our learning process.
This is not a neural network.
Because FOROIL applies state-of-the-art mathematics and computer science, using methods already validated in other industries.
It was just not possible five years ago: technology was not available.
Because FOROIL has invested 15 years of R&D in gathering experience and developing tools and know how.
This is not pure service: we use home-developed powerful tools.
Because FOROIL has industrialized for you the very process of building our Production Forecaster™ and our Field Development Engine™.
Although FOROIL builds a specific forecaster per field, and we have industrialized the process.

Recognized and Praised

FOROIL and some clients have published and presented results in international conferences (SPE papers and Adipec).
FOROIL has accumulated experience over 500 reservoirs.
FOROIL has a client base over all continents.
FOROIL has obtained US patents (US 8,412,501 B2, US 8,532,968 B2 & US 9,031,821 B2) on its methodology.